Biomed Bio Boost 50 ml

Biomed Bio Boost 50 ml
Biomed Bio Boost 50 ml
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DIN-HM: 80002000

Bio Boost is a powerful homeopathic remedy that acts to increase the body’s natural defenses against viral and bacterial infections. It works on the non-specific immune system, stimulates granulopoiesis and increases the phagocytic function of leukocytes. Bio Boost markedly increases the bactericidal activity of blood cells and has a beneficial effect on the complement properdin system (the system that participates in specific immune responses, has a role in tissue inflammation and phagocytosis, and neutralizes some viruses).

Bio Boost relieves symptoms of colds and can be particularly useful for the treatment of influenza, viral infections and recurrent infections of the respiratory and urinary tract systems. A further effect is to improve lymphatic drainage. It is also as an adjunct therapy in cases of allergic and rheumatic illnesses.


Each 50 ml contains:
Echinacea pallida D1 12.75 ml
Arnica montana D3  3.75 ml
Baptisia tinctoria D4  3.75 ml
Bryonia alba D3  3.75 ml
Cinchona offinicialis D3  3.75 ml
Cuprum sulphuricum D4  3.75 ml
Eupatorium perfoliatum D2  3.75 ml
Ferrum phosphoricum D8  4.50 ml
Lachesis mutus D8  3.75 ml
Lachesis mutus D15  3.75 ml
Thuja D4  3.50 ml



  • Immune support
  • Colds and influenza
  • Fever with headache
  • Lymphatic inflammation
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Feeling of weakness/exhaustion
  • Soreness in the muscles, bones and joints
  • Inflammation and exudation of serous membranes

Adults: Take 40 drops every four hours until signs of improvement. Then take 20 drops three times a day or to be used on the advice of a health care practitioner.
Children: Take 20 drops every four hours until signs of improvement. Then take 10 drops three times a day or on the advice of a health care practitioner.

PACKAGING: Liquid 50 ml

Do not use in individuals with known or suspected hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients or botanical composite. This product is not intended to be used by individuals with cases of tuberculosis, leucosis, collagenosis, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, HIV infection and other autoimmune diseases.

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